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Sunday, December 13, 2015

I don't know where I'm going but I'm on my way!

I had promised myself to be away from Santa Fe by January and not to spend another winter shivering. Although I wanted a job, and especially a job in a library, I felt courageous enough to go somewhere without one.


Serious about making a change, I applied for more than 20 jobs, mostly library positions but a couple museums and some others, like the office manager at a SCUBA charter company. With all those applications, I guess it was inevitable that I would get some interviews. I have lost count, but I think there were eight interviews. Most were on the phone, a few were via Skype, and one was in person.

Library positions I applied for through

Through this process, I discovered a method to deal with inflated self-esteem. If you ever have too much self confidence, I would advise the remedy of a phone interview. It's sure to bring you down a couple of notches. 
Most of the interviews were followed by rejection calls. But I only need one job, and the one I wanted most, at the University of Hawaii in Hilo, asked for another interview. It took a long time, but they did call back. I applied in July, had my first phone interview in September, a final interview--long phone call--with the library director on October 10, and was recommended for hire three days later. Good enough for me! If, for any reason, the job fell through, I figured I could get a job at a bank, at a restaurant, or hey, I know how to make beds at a resort

I took the plunge, sold my car, scheduled a moving company, reserved a hotel room, and purchased a one-way ticket to Hilo.

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